Friday, April 4, 2008

Muzax 9, part 1 – Music from the Mario's saga games

The ninth broadcast of Muzax is part of the mini-series “Presentation of famous video games music”. The music you will hear is from the “Mario” saga as played through the ages on different consoles.

In the 1st part of this Muzax episode, you will hear music from Mario games on NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube and also covers by different orchestras and a rap group.

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Content of broadcast:
Today, let’s discover the world of the most famous video game character: “Mario”.

Mario was first seen in 1981 in the arcade game called “Donkey Kong”. At that time, Mario’s name was “Jumpman” and he had to save Princess “Pauline” who was prisoner of a frightening gorilla called “Donkey Kong”.

In 1983, the first game dedicated to Mario was released on an arcade game, likewise on the first liquid crystal devices called “Game & Watch” - ancestors of our handheld games consoles - and also on the first Nintendo television console sold in Japan, called “Famicom” which stands for “Family Computer”.

Famicom was finally renamed “Nintendo Entertainment System”, also known as NES, when it was released in the USA in 1985 and in Europe in 1986.

The music we are listening to now is written by Koji Kondo and is part of “Super Mario Bros” released in 1985.

This music is used in many other games where the little plumber with a moustache is present. Here is the same music found in the third part of the series “Super Mario Bros 3”.

In 1993, a compilation called “Super Mario All-Stars” was released on Super Nintendo with a collection of games from the “Super Mario Bros” series on NES.

Every new Nintendo console must have one or more Mario games. Here is the same music theme in “Super Mario 64”.

In 1999, still on Super Nintendo 64, we can see Mario in “Super Smash Bros” with a more contemporary style of music.

It's a scat version that the player will discover in "Super Mario Sunshine" on "Gamecube".

Mario became a best-seller through his sheer popularity and he wasn’t afraid of turning his hand to being a dancer in 2005 in “Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix”.

Mario’s music is known by a whole generation and has been performed in a number of completely different styles.

Here is a version played by “The Big Band of Rogues” opening the 2003 “Mario and Zelda Big Band Live” concert dedicated to the music of these two sagas.

The Internet is overflowing with music and videos about the most famous plumber of all time.

You can even find a rap version recorded by “Benefit” whose lyrics describe a less soft vision of Mario world.

Let’s listen to an orchestra version of the main theme of Super Mario Bros.

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