Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Muzax 9, part 2 - Super Mario Land and Mario’s underground worlds

In the 2nd part of this Muzax episode, dedicated to the "Mario" saga, you will hear music from Mario games on Game Boy, NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii but also remixes and covers by rap and funk groups.

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Content of broadcast:
Let’s continue to discover music from Mario’s world.

"Super Mario Land" was released in 1989 on the famous Game Boy, the best-selling hand-held console in the world with more than 118 million devices.
Listen to the cover of this piece of music by the group "Ambassadors of Funk".
Let’s move on to a version of "Deep Black Skys".

Music from the first "Super Mario Bros" is generally reused in the latest versions of the game. However every new game has its own new tunes.
Let’s see how one of these themes has evolved.

The music we are now listening to is a piece of music from the very first Super Mario Bros released in 1985 on NES.
Used in the majority of Mario’s games, this music can be heard in underground worlds.
This music theme, very short at the beginning, has been enriched from version to version, mainly in tones but also sometimes in melody.
We are still on NES in "Super Mario Bros 3".
A three-year period of time has gone by between the first episode of the saga and the third one. However we can hear a big difference in terms of sound quality.
In 1996, Mario appears in a role-playing game in "Super Mario RPG" on Super Nintendo.
In a completely different style, let’s listen to the"Super Mario 64" version.
This new episode on Nintendo 64 is the first to be released in 3D. Once more, Nintendo overturns the world of video games by leading the evolution of games of this genre.
We also note a slight evolution at music level.
In 2002, the Game Cube has its own version in "Super Mario Sunshine".
Even the Wii enjoys this music in "Super Paper Mario" released in 2007.
The same year, the Wii is equipped with one of the best Mario games, "Super Mario Galaxy".

Like the main theme, this music is remixed many times. Here is a version by "DJ Clue".
Accompanying the music, we can hear additional sound effects from the game.
Let’s discover another remixed version.

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